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About Ryan Matt Reynolds

Ryan Matt Reynolds is on a mission to help strength coaches and personal trainers turn in the keys to the gym and reclaim their life by embracing an online coaching business model.

With 25 years of experience competing at a high level in strength sports and coaching barbell-based strength and conditioning, Matt transitioned from the classroom to the world of business ownership in 2008 when he founded STRONG Gym in Springfield, MO. Matt honed his business and customer service acumen, and STRONG quickly became one of the strongest and largest strength gyms in the country. And while Matt was the owner of the gym, he was also the lead trainer, and quickly began to see the tremendous limitations of the antiquated traditional personal training model.

Personal training is prohibitively expensive, it locks clients and coaches into inflexible schedules & locations, and worst of all, it’s inundated with uneducated, unqualified, and inexperienced trainers.

So when he sold the gym in 2015, he set out to solve the problems with traditional personal training. What he developed was a unique asynchronous professional coaching model, in that it provided access to the perfect expert coach for clients all over the world. It removed geographic boundaries that limited coaches’ potential client pool. The price was less than one-third of traditional personal training. And, best of all, it allowed people to train anywhere, any time, and with the equipment they already had access to while creating new opportunities for the coaches to work from anywhere in the world on their own schedule. It scaled their services, turning an hour’s work into mere minutes, exponentially increasing their potential client pool, roster, and hourly rate of pay. This unique, intelligent online coaching model helped grow Barbell Logic into one of the largest online strength & nutrition coaching companies in the world.

Needing to better serve their clients and coaches with superior service than what third-party applications could offer, Barbell Logic developed its own proprietary platform to manage an online coaching business, TurnKey Coach. Today Matt’s focus is on redefining traditional personal training by creating connections in the online space to give anyone with a smartphone access to a personal, professional strength & nutrition coach forging opportunities for the world to experience a life improved by strength.

In late 2023, Ryan Matt signed a deal with Forbes to publish his forthcoming book, Undoing Urgency: RECLAIM YOUR TIME FOR THE THINGS THAT MATTER MOST, slated for release on December 10, 2024.


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