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Dive into the Barbell Logic Podcast’s M.E.D.S Masterclass Series

Explore Advanced Strength Training Techniques with Coach Matt Reynolds

Welcome to a deep dive into the world of strength training programming with the Barbell Logic Podcast’s M.E.D. Masterclass series. Led by Coach Matt Reynolds, this series is your gateway to understanding Minimum Effective Dose (M.E.D.) programming—an approach that prioritizes simplicity, effectiveness, and logical problem-solving in strength training.

Throughout this comprehensive series, you’ll explore how to navigate beyond novice programs, optimize recovery, and tailor workouts to sustain progress over the long term. Whether you’re a seasoned lifter or a coach seeking advanced insights, join us as we uncover the principles, strategies, and real-world applications of M.E.D. programming to enhance your strength journey.

Episode One: A Simple Approach to Programming

In the Barbell Logic Podcast’s ‘M.E.D. Masterclass,’ Coach Matt delves into Minimum Effective Dose (MED) programming, emphasizing simplicity over complex templates. MED focuses on pinpointing the smallest adjustments needed to sustain progress post-novice phase, challenging listeners to rethink traditional programming methods and adopt a logical, problem-solving approach.

Episode Two: The Ultimate Guide to Programming After Linear Progression

Continuing the MED Masterclass, Matt outlines the three core principles of MED programming and provides practical examples for squat, deadlift, bench, and press routines beyond linear progression. This episode equips coaches and lifters with insights into structuring effective post-novice training regimes.

Episode Three: Freedom and The Four-Day Split

Matt explores transitioning from traditional programs to the four-day split, balancing intensity and volume to optimize recovery and strength gains. This approach reduces training frequency for squats and deadlifts while increasing bench and press sessions, offering flexibility and efficiency in intermediate programming.

Episode Four: Options, Options… and the Four-Day Split

In this installment, Matt elaborates on customizing volume and intensity days within the four-day split framework, empowering listeners with diverse programming strategies aimed at achieving PRs and enhancing overall performance.

Episode Five: Spicing Up the Three-Week Cycle with Supplemental Lifts

The MED Masterclass continues with a focus on integrating supplemental lifts into the three-week cycle. Matt discusses strategies for maintaining progress by balancing volume and intensity, and introduces supplemental exercises to address specific strength weaknesses and provide training variety.

Episode Six: Supplemental Lifts — What, When, & Why

Matt provides an in-depth exploration of supplemental lifts—variants of main lifts designed to target specific weaknesses and enhance overall strength development. This episode details various squat, deadlift, bench press, and press variations to optimize training adaptations.

Episode Seven: How to Peak for a Meet (Conjugate vs Concurrent Method)

Coach Matt compares peaking strategies for competitive lifters using conjugate and concurrent training methods. This episode offers insights into tapering and optimizing performance through tailored programming approaches, crucial for maximizing strength output during meets.

Episode Eight: Accessory Lifts and Q&A

Wrapping up the series, Matt discusses the role of accessory lifts in comprehensive strength training programs. He highlights their benefits for hypertrophy and joint health, offering guidance on incorporating accessories effectively without compromising primary lifts.

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