principles: setting and crushing goals

The GAMeplan - Principles: Setting & Crushing Goals S11Ep2

Discover a Streamlined Approach to Achieving Goals with Barbell Logic’s GAMeplan Framework

Discover the innovative approach to goal-setting and achievement with Barbell Logic Online Coaching’s latest YouTube video, titled “The GAMeplan: Setting & Crushing Goals.” In this insightful presentation, Barbell Logic demystifies traditional corporate terminology like OKRs and KPIs, offering a refreshingly clear and relatable alternative: the GAMeplan.

Breaking down the GAMeplan acronym, Barbell Logic simplifies goal-setting into three digestible components: Goals, Actions, and Metrics. By replacing complex business jargon with straightforward language, the GAMeplan framework empowers individuals to set and track their goals effectively, whether it’s losing weight or increasing squat strength.

Barbell Logic implements GAMeplans on a yearly, quarterly, and monthly basis, aligning them with the organization’s core values or tenets. Each employee contributes to shaping their role within the company, fostering a sense of ownership and accountability.

Embracing the concept of “battle rhythm,” borrowed from military strategy, Barbell Logic establishes a structured cadence for decision-making, communication, and reporting. This monthly rhythm ensures efficient allocation of resources, facilitates ongoing dialogue, and fosters continuous improvement within the organization.

Experience the power of the GAMeplan framework and monthly battle rhythm in optimizing performance and achieving success. Watch the full video on Barbell Logic Online Coaching’s YouTube channel to learn more about implementing this transformative approach to goal-setting and productivity.

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