Barbell Logic Secures Funding, Targets Growth with TurnKey Coach

Fitness company Barbell Logic raises $2.3 million and targets $4 million in revenue. Investment fuels TurnKey Coach platform for online coaching.

Barbell Logic Secures $2.3M in Funding, Aims for $4M Revenue in 2023

Springfield-based fitness company Barbell Logic Inc. recently concluded its Series A funding round, raising an impressive $2.3 million, with aspirations to reach a $4 million funding goal. CEO Matt Reynolds emphasized strategic funding from angel investors over venture capital to maintain control and avoid complex institutional arrangements.

The funding will primarily fuel the expansion of TurnKey Coach, Barbell Logic’s proprietary software platform, targeting the private market. Reynolds plans to allocate resources towards marketing, advertising, and social media to enhance the platform’s reach and efficacy.

Key investors include former NFL player Jordan Gross and Rare Coin Company of America Inc. president Wayde Milas, both contributing over $1 million each. Gross, a seed investor and client of Barbell Logic, praised the platform’s ability to deliver top-tier training and coaching online, reflecting its potential to transform individuals’ quality of life.

Barbell Logic, originally founded as Starting Strength Online Coaching in 2016, has expanded its offerings to include business-to-business and government sectors. Notably, it secured a $1.25 million federal contract to work with the U.S. Air Force, utilizing TurnKey Coach to enhance physical fitness assessments and reduce injuries among airmen. This initiative is projected to train approximately 500 individuals over 18 months, with potential extensions and expansions on the horizon.

The company’s recent strides have propelled it towards a new revenue record, estimated to reach $3.7 million by year-end, marking a significant 27% increase from the previous year. With a soft launch of TurnKey Coach’s business-to-business model yielding 91 clients, Barbell Logic is poised for further growth in diverse market segments.

Neil Marr, owner of Neil Marr Golf, attests to TurnKey Coach’s versatility, leveraging the platform to integrate strength training into his golf coaching services. As Barbell Logic continues to innovate and expand its reach, its impact on the fitness industry and beyond is set to grow exponentially.

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