The Business of Online Coaching: Thriving in Hard Economic Times

Don’t let economic downturns stop your coaching business! Learn to position yourself as a valuable asset, build trust with clients, and optimize your coaching efficiency (both online & in-person) with Barbell Logic’s powerful strategies. Discover how to provide extreme value & thrive in the coaching industry..

Discover how to thrive in the coaching industry during economic downturns with insights from “The Business of Coaching: Thriving During Hard Economic Times.” As independent contractors, gym owners, online coaches, and entrepreneurs, coaches must navigate the challenges of providing high-value services while maintaining business sustainability. Learn to redefine coaching as a staple rather than a luxury, focusing on extreme value, trust-building, and coaching efficiency.

Understand the central problem of coaching being perceived as a luxury service and explore strategies to overcome this perception. Discover how to provide extreme value by effectively addressing clients’ goals and needs, building trust through ability, integrity, and benevolence, and optimizing coaching efficiency without sacrificing service quality.

Explore interactive efficiency strategies for in-person and online coaching, from group training to software solutions like TurnKey Coach. With a focus on maximizing dollars per hour and client satisfaction, coaches can thrive in the coaching industry while providing exceptional service and value.

Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to succeed in both coaching and business ownership with insights from Barbell Logic’s comprehensive resources, including the Barbell Academy and upcoming webinars on the coaching business.

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