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Defining Success: The Importance of Knowing Your Core Values and Mission

Harness the Power of Self-Reflection to Establish a Clear Path for Personal and Business Growth

Discovering and defining your core values and mission statement is crucial for personal and business growth. While you may start coaching or launching a business without these, taking the time to clarify them can lead to a more purposeful and successful journey. This holiday season, seize the opportunity to pause, reflect, and solidify your identity. Spend a few days crafting your mission statement and core values, seeking input from trusted individuals. Barbell Logic offers insightful examples that can serve as a starting point. Their mission to provide professional coaching and educational resources for strength improvement is supported by core tenets such as service, growth, and community involvement. Embrace this season of introspection to know who you are and pave the way for a fulfilling and impactful future.

Learn more by listening to this Coaching Success episode on the Barbell Logic Podcast:

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