The art of coaching

The Art of Coaching with Brett Bartholomew - Ep 368

Exploring Effective Coaching Practices and Building Genuine Connections

Join Matt and Niki as they delve into “The Art of Coaching” with special guest Brett Bartholomew in this enlightening YouTube discussion by Barbell Logic Online Coaching. Brett, author of Conscious Coaching, shares insights on effective coaching practices, emphasizing the importance of experience over mere exposure.

Drawing on his work with professional athletes, Brett highlights the significance of building trust and connection with clients, beyond showcasing intelligence or technical expertise. He explores the dynamics between commitment, compliance, and resistance in coaching relationships, stressing the need for personalized approaches tailored to individual clients and athletes.

Reflecting on his own struggles with over exercising and finding purpose, Brett underscores the transformative power of genuine connection, exemplified through his encounter with Dr. Katie. The conversation extends to ethical self-promotion in coaching and business, emphasizing the value of differentiation and conscious branding.

This episode offers a wealth of insights applicable to both personal and professional growth, touching on themes of coaching, health, business, and personal development. Dive into the full discussion on Barbell Logic Online Coaching’s YouTube channel to elevate your understanding of the art of coaching and personal growth.

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