Art of Manliness

Brett McKay’s Workout Routine & The Benefits of a Strength Coach

Dive into Brett McKay’s Barbell Training Progress and the Impact of Professional Coaching

In this insightful episode of The Art of Manliness podcast, host Brett McKay revisits a conversation with coach Matt Reynolds, reflecting on the significant progress he’s made in his barbell training journey since their first discussion in 2015. McKay shares his impressive achievements, including personal records in deadlift, squat, and shoulder press, and attributes his success to the customized online coaching provided by Matt.

Listeners frequently curious about McKay’s workout routine and strength training regimen will find this episode particularly valuable. Matt Reynolds provides a comprehensive overview of the programming and nutrition strategies that have driven McKay’s progress over the past 18 months. This episode serves as an excellent guide for anyone interested in barbell training, whether they are beginners or seasoned lifters seeking to break through plateaus.

Matt Reynolds discusses his transition to online coaching, explaining why he sold his gym to focus on this new approach and detailing the differences and benefits of online versus in-person coaching. He highlights the surprising advantages of remote coaching and shares key attributes to look for in a good online coach.

Brett McKay’s training journey, from novice to powerlifting competitor, is explored in depth. He emphasizes the importance of staying in the novice phase of weightlifting and elaborates on the stress-recovery-adaptation cycle in strength training. The episode also addresses the downsides of lifting heavier weights and how to manage them, introducing listeners to DUP (Daily Undulating Periodization) programming and its benefits.

Diet and nutrition play a crucial role in strength training, and McKay explains how his diet evolved with his lifting program. He shares nutritional strategies to support strength gains and recovery, providing practical insights for listeners.

Adjustments in programming for powerlifting competition and post-competition recovery are discussed, along with maintaining work capacity. The episode also touches on injury management, specifically how McKay addressed and recovered from an unexpected hamstring injury.

This episode is a treasure trove of information for anyone looking to enhance their barbell training routine, improve their strength, and understand the intricacies of effective programming and nutrition. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your lifting to the next level, the experiences and insights shared in this episode offer practical guidance and inspiration.

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