Excellence outside the gym

Choosing Excellence Over Mediocrity

Matt Reynolds Challenges You to Choose Excellence in Every Aspect of Life

Discover the ethos of excellence as championed by Matt Reynolds, CEO and Founder of Barbell Logic Online Coaching, in their latest blog post and accompanying YouTube video titled “Choosing Excellence Over Mediocrity.” Reflecting on the accomplishments of the past year, Reynolds extends gratitude to supporters while emphasizing the shared commitment to excellence within the Barbell Logic community.

Beyond the realm of strength training, Reynolds and the Barbell Logic team embrace diverse interests including philosophy, fine whiskey, culinary delights, music, and artistry, recognizing the pursuit of greatness in all endeavors.

As the New Year unfolds, Reynolds issues a challenge to all: strive for excellence in your chosen field, whether professional, practitioner, or enthusiast. Embrace the opportunity to elevate performance and make 2019 a year of unparalleled success and personal growth under the guidance of Barbell Logic Online Coaching.

Accept the challenge and join Matt Reynolds in the pursuit of excellence. Explore the full message and accompanying video on the Barbell Logic website to ignite your journey towards peak performance in the year ahead.

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