The business series

"Unlock Business Success with 'The Business Series' by Barbell Logic Podcast

Gain Expert Insights on Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Overcoming Business Challenges

Dive into the comprehensive ‘The Business Series’ where hosts Matt Reynolds and Scott Hambrick, along with notable guests like Brett McKay, explore essential business insights and entrepreneurial journeys.

Episode One: Business Leader Books – Discover impactful business books such as ‘The E Myth Revisited,’ ‘Poor Charlie’s Almanac,’ and ‘The Effective Executive,’ providing invaluable lessons on leadership, efficiency, and time management.

Episode Two: Building a Better Belt with Dominion Strength Training – Hear from Blake and Katie about their journey in creating high-quality, quickly available weightlifting belts and overcoming production challenges.

Episode Three: How to Change Careers, Pay Off Debt, & Build a Successful Gym with Jordan Stanton – Learn from Jordan Stanton’s story of frugality, risk-taking, and building a thriving gym from his garage to a community hub.

Episode Four: Traversing the 2020 Business Landscape with MicroGainz – Matt and Mike discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by COVID-19, and how MicroGainz thrived by producing much-needed fractional plates.

Episode Five: Entrepreneurship with Mike from MicroGainz – Mike Reed shares his entrepreneurial journey, emphasizing the grind and perseverance required to build a successful business.

Episode Six: Dominion Strength’s Business Journey – Blake and Katie discuss the growth of Dominion Strength Training and their expansion into new product offerings.

Episode Seven: Marketing with Josh Veach – Josh Veach, CIO at Barbell Logic, shares key marketing strategies, including understanding your clientele, differentiating your business, and building a strong brand.

Tune in to ‘The Business Series’ for expert advice, real-world stories, and practical tips to help you lead better, be more efficient, and succeed in any business endeavor.”

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